Post 13: Poppies

This painting is for one of my friend (on order) and so was my Sunrise painting. ( ref: Post 11).  This painting was meant to be a fine art work but somehow turned up into a knife painting. With this painting I have realized that  Knife gives me contentment and the strokes it creates give me immense pleasure. I am so waiting to explore more knife work.


Oil on canvas


POST-12 : Ending the War Within (September Rambling)

If you are bitten by a travel bug then you are either travelling or making travel plans. I have been busy these days doing the latter. Now my toddler has grown up and her options of food have widened so I feel like increasing my challenge level. Currently I have three plans in my planner:

  1. Singapore-Bali, 2. Jaipur and 3. Kausani.

The first and second are to be held for few more months so we thought of focusing on Kausani.  My toddler will be 3 in September end so we decided to celebrate her birthday in the mountains. It was a last moment plan so was not structured well, the tickets were not confirmed and all the resorts where I wanted to stay had already been booked.

Then fortunately or unfortunately we had to cancel our plan to go to our home town for Dusshera. Now this cancellation was not that heart breaking because of the waiting tickets and heavy rainfall in  Uttarakhand . But after doing so much of research I had become nostalgic and had wanted to go to the mountains once again. I wanted to see the sunrise in Kausani and smell the pine trees.  To distract myself from this destination I had to think of something else and I stumbled upon ‘Cinque Terre ‘ in Italy. The photos of that place were breath-taking.  But as I started searching this new place I became sadder. Now my phone was loaded with photos of Kausani and Cinque Terre.

Then the book , Alchemist, which I was re-reading this month came to an end . After closing the book I closed my eyes and thought that what is the book saying that the treasure we look elsewhere lies at our backyard. Anyway I found it confusing so I slept off. When I woke up in the morning and went to my balcony there was a fresh breeze blowing. It didn’t carry the smell of the pine or the sea but still was fresh. The view outside was somewhat similar to the photos in my phone. I felt good.

In the evening I happened to leave office well on time to enjoy a cup of tea at home with a spectacular sunset view , again from my balcony . Now this was so similar to that desired at kausani, except that this was sunset not a sunrise..

Then I realized that the nature had conspired the finishing of the novel alchemist such that it coincides with the sunrise and sunset . I had found my treasure, not in the backyard but in my balcony. I was happy.

But that doesn’t mean i will be hanging on my balcony all year long. A new plan is already under execution 🙂

Meanwhile I purchased three books this month- The little Prince, My family and Other Animals and Eat Pray and Love . I think all these are a sign leading me towards something/somewhere.


Before I could smell the freshly purchased books and sink into the world of travel to dreamlands my husband reminded me that first I need to finish the war Mr Iyer had started one year back !!!! Damn!!!




1. MR Iyer Goes To War is the Indian modern version of the misadventures of Don Quixote and his companion Rancho.

2. The little prince is a heart touching story of a Little prince from a tiny planet giving lessons about friendship and loneliness.

3. My Family and Other Animal is a funny journal of a boy who moved from England to Corfu .

4. Eat Pray Love is a book about a women’s journey through Italy , India and Bali.

If I get time will surely review  read these books 🙂


POST-11 Sunrise


Oil on Canvas 16″ X 20 “

Post 10: Candles (To Paint List 5/5 )

With this my 5 painting project is over . Will soon post the pic of the 5 paintings together.

IMG_20170831_145150 (1)

Oil on Canvas 8X10″

Post 9: Tibetan Girl-Part -I (To -paint list 4/5)

This lady took one and half month to step down the easel.


40X60 cm Oil On Canvas 



Is Well Begun Half Done?

It’s been exactly one month and I am not able to finish the projects which I had taken as a challenge. In euphoria, I had called up my five friends and asked them to give me different ideas to paint. So I have in total five painting to do and all I could do in past month is to start only three. Now I am hiding from the three under-paintings lying on the shelf .

Inspired by our beloved PM I also got a yoga mat and after 15 days of surya namaskar I switched to HIIT. Even that didn’t last long. One day my alarm didn’t ring and I slept off. Till this day I am sleeping. My sedentary lifestyle has made me sick of each and every thing. After 8 hours of seating job, I feel like running away to a far far place…. just like Forest Gump.

Also this mid-life crisis is making me feel worthless. I have so many ideas floating all around me but the kick is missing. Sometimes I search for motivation in TED Talks, sometimes in Blogs/Vlogs and sometimes in books, but nothing works because we all know that ‘It works only if you work’.

I think it’s time to fix my alarm!!!!

Post 8: Fillers

I had this small oil panel which was lying unused for a long time. I have been filling  it with colors in between the major paintings. By doing so I get  break from monotonous  activity  and as these small paintings finish fast they give a sense of accomplishment too.

I have skipped over the detailing part and have emphasized on the shadows and the color contrast.

I should get more of these panels for fun.


Oil on panel  (Rajasthani bed sheet background)

Post 7: Flowers by Sea Side (To Paint -3/5)

This painting under my ‘5 painting project’ (Please Refer Post-3 ) was just for practice purpose to learn bold strokes. It is a complete imitation of other artists work. I was not feeling good  imitating the painting as well as technique of some other artist but before I could feel  guilty I came across this quote  ” Every body imitates before they innovate”- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.


Oil on Canvas Sheet 

I felt better. It doesn’t mean I will keep imitating . As I said it was purely for study purpose therefore I look forward to create more paintings using the bold stroke technique.


All things bright and beautiful.

Post 6: Nebula (To-Paint list 2/5)

The two most notorious colors that have troubled me are white and black. I have remained frustrated for a very long time. They are so strong that they steal all the attention in a bad way.

I have been trying to tame white colour since a long time. This time I thought of challenging myself to use mostly white and black in the whole painting and still let some other colour steal the show. So here i am with the nebula as a practice work.


Post 5 : Fish ( To-Paint List -1/5)

I finished the painting and I was wondering why I chose fish. There had to be a reason. Sometimes the sub conscious mind takes very smart sensible decisions. I realized that the fins of the fish are so delicate and  the translucency of the fins are so challenging to paint.


Oil on panel 6″X8″

Now that I mentioned the fins,  I see so much scope of improvement and learning. I  think I should do a series of fishes.

Here is the step – to -step of this painting :


This painting took me 2 hrs, stretched over a period of three days as it has been done on weekdays.