Post 30: Oil over Acrylics

It is so diffult (for me) to keep up with Instagram, Facebook and the blog. Updating my recent Oil over Acrylics works. I had two semifinished acrylic paintings which I have completed with oils.

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Post : Stint with Acrylics and Back to Oils.

I had switched over to acrylics some 10 months back. The reason was that I had conceived and I didn’t want the toxic fumes of oil paints to effect my baby. The first question I had asked my gynae was about the effect of oil paints. She had laughed off my question and had asked me to use a mask. But I was still not convinced and I immediately bought acrylics. I also converted one of my oils into acrylics, which is not advisable. These 10 months had been a struggle, in both ways , carrying a baby as well as dealing with the unexpected characteristics of acrylic paints.

Somehow I managed to complete my pregnancy along with a couple of paintings.

I finished these white lotuses just a day before my delivery. For some reason I didnt sign it then.

After delivery I got restless and wanted to do oil paintings immediately. But those who are mother of two , specially of a new born, will understand that I was desiring something impossible. But the heart wants what it wants. So I experimented with oils and started painting on my art journal ( pages well primed with white texture) .

If you have followed my blog you will know that I draw my art journal inspiration from the artist Lena Danya

Though my art work is not upto the mark but who cares , after all I made it in two days by managing 5-5 minutes painting time. I atleast got back my oils .

Hope to paint more and more.

Post 28: Textured Painting

I had received acrylic auxiliaries for Valentines Day and had wanted to do something with the textured clay. So I chose to make bright yellow flowers on canvas for my entrance hallway.

I chose to start this painting without any underpainting. Also to be more experimental I painted it front to back i.e flowers first and background later. Now this was a big mistake which costed me lot of time in redoing the background several times.


However I managed to complete the painting and get it on the wall. Hope you guys like it.





Post 27: Joy of achieving small targets .

Things are changing slowly.  I have started painting regularly. Not daily but yes once a week. I am happy as I am no longer that person who used to just think about painting.  I have however realized that  as I have no deadlines I tend to get lazy . Currently I have three to four half done paintings on my easel. Now this is a chronic problem. I happen to leave each and every project half way and then that guilt keeps on building.

I have always wanted to work on my this flaw and out of the blue a project idea popped up in my mind which involved others which meant that I was liable to finish the project due to external pressure. I had though of a weekend painting workshop for kids and yes this thought had surprised me too .

When I get surprised by my ideas I revisit the book ”  Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and some of her magical quotes :

  • Ideas of every kind are constantly galloping toward us, constantly passing through us, constantly trying to get our attention.
  • Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.
  • Don’t abandon your creativity the moment things stop being easy or rewarding — because that’s the moment when interesting things beings.
  • It might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you!
  • Your life is short and rare and amazing and miraculous, and you want to do really interesting things and make really interesting things while you’re still here.

…. and I can go on and on and on .

My Saturday and Sunday mornings,when my energy is at peak, were always getting wasted on non productive work like doing laundry or cleaning my wardrobe. To increase my productivity I do my laundry daily and I do the cleaning whenever I get time and even after such time management I used to end up doing the same on weekends. So engaging myself into something productive was necessary.

The Art workshop for kids (Workshop on Saturday and Sunday for a month) sounded simple at first , so simple that I floated the idea on my apartment’s  whatsapp group immediately ( I was afraid that if I waited I might change my mind) and within no time I had 11 kids ready for the workshop. Now I had no looking back. And then began my restless days  and sleepless nights planning for the class.

I used to get up early morning and wake my husband and ask him what if the kids find my classes boring. What if the kids find out that I suck at watercolors. What if the kids find out that i am afraid of White colour .. what if ….and soon my husband (confident about me) stopped responding.

Believe me, for this workshop I had to do load of homework. I studied about the color wheel and all the theory about tints, tones and value which I had never bothered to think about. I learnt so much while preparing for the workshop.

I had enrolled 11 kids in my class and the real challenge was that they were of age group varying from 6 to 16. I had to think a lot how to teach the same concept to varying age groups.

The start seemed impossible but then when we started it was a fun journey and the  results were  successful at the end of each class.



On the last day of our  workshop  we worked on canvas painting.  I remember that I had first used a canvas when I was 18 years old and I had no one to tell me what paint goes well with the canvas. Then I remember buying oil paints and happily mixed it with water and applying it on the canvas to get a disastrous result. Internet was not at our fingertips in those days. Dozens and Dozens of canvases which got wasted by me acted as the stepping stones to help me reach where I am today. Not that I am in some recognized position in the field of art but yes I am happy with my work these days.

Introducing these kids to canvas at an age of 6 made me very happy.

Photo Editor-20180530_121015Photo Editor-20180530_121319

The final work on canvas 🙂


Things I learnt from the class:

  1. Every one is talented.
  2. Less is more ( specially the number of colors in the palette)
  3. Don’t get disheartened with your work and allow it to be completed. You will be surprised at the end.
  4. Patience, with both kids and colours.
  5. For kids art work outlining is a must.
  6. Spilling water again and again is a talent kids have, so always keep a mop handy.

There are many other little lessons that I have learnt and I am sure all this will help me somewhere or the other when I paint in future.

…. and guess what , I completed the Project !!!!!!



Post 26: The Jagannath Triad.

A month back I was searching for beach destinations in India and while reading about Puri in Odisha I came across the Jagannath Triad . All Indian deities are so colourful and these three siblings top them all. I had to get them down on paper with my bright acrylics. So here is The Jagannath Triad on a page of my art journal. Someday I might paint them on a huge canvas for my home. IMG_20180418_124111.jpg

Post 25: Acrylics on Oils

Finally this painting got off the easel and went on a wall after 6 months of being pushed here and there.


Acrylic on Canvas 24″X 36″

The reason for the delay was its size , I was overwhelmed with this project and didn’t know how to start and how to go ahead with the layering, when to use the palette knife and how to make the grass etc. I had started this painting with oils and then layered it with acrylics. This is believed to be a wrong approach among artists but still i went ahead. My each step was frustrating and I thought I had made a mistake by choosing a huge canvas but then slowly as the layers kept on adding I started to enjoy it.

Here are few photos of the process.


Post 24: If a Man can wear a Pad…..

Last week I had gone to watch PadMan. I am very particular about spending  three hours specially when I have many things to juggle. So I had decided to give Padmavat a skip for Pad Man.  I am so glad that I went for it.

I admire  Twinkle Khanna for both her beauty and brains. I appreciate her initiative of making a movie out of the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham. I hope we keep on making such movies which enlightens our minds and brightens our society. But is this movie really for us.  We ( I mean the ladies) all use pad I suppose and our husbands picks our pad when required and we don’t even get it wrapped in two three layer of papers and a black polythene. We all have it in our purses and periods is not a taboo for us.

I would have found this movie to be a classic of 1950s like ‘Achoot Kanya‘ ,completely irrelevant for us , if I had not happened to  give a short visit to a place which gave me the real picture of our society.

I had been on a short stay at a place when my periods started , and right from that moment I was outcast!  I was not allowed to enter kitchen and  was not allowed to touch even the Almirah and someone had to bring my clothes for me. I was totally freaked out as never in my life I had imagined this in today’s India. On top of that the most hilarious part was that  it was left upto my husband if he would allow me to sleep in the bedroom. I had almost laughed as I knew it was a matter of few days for me before I was out of this ( no not my periods, but that place). I didn’t even feel pity for the other women because I saw they enjoyed these rituals . They took it as a challenge and the rules were increased to increase the challenge level I think. Or whatever it was !

I had tried to derive some logic out of this act , I concluded that not allowing one to enter the kitchen meant that that woman has to just relax the whole day. But soon I realized that no , the first day of the periods were reserved for washing clothes of the family. Infact they used to dump clothes in their so called laundry bags so that once in a month the woman can spend almost 4 hours washing bedsheet, bed covers, clothes etc of the entire family. The remaining hours the woman is supposed to chop vegetables ( outside the kitchen) and grind chutney.

Now after this , Pad man was a must watch for me and I understood each and every part of it.

However after watching the movie I regret to have not taken my Kam Wali’s family along. Oh believe me it would have been so much satisfying then. But immediately after the movie I made up my mind of having a word with my Kaam Wali and My cook. Next day spoke to my cook and I was happy to find that she already uses a pad. Next I spoke to my Kaam wali who said she was thinking that atleast she can buy for her daughter. Now I shall buy her a packet so that she can get the feel of it and then I will have to assure that she and her daughter will use it instead of cloth.

Infact Twinkle Khanna should have encouraged the world to make their kaamwalis take this challenge and come out and face the society and hold a pad in their hand.

After this movie I challenge you to speak to your kaam wali/ any helper and get her to start using pads. I would have taken a photo of my kaamwali with a pad and posted it on social media but then its ok , we can do this silently also. If a man like Arunachalam can wear a pad, we atleast can help him spread the awareness.

Do leave your valuable comments/experiences/anecdotes if you have any regarding this so called taboo.


Post 23: Koi Fish


Acrylics on Canvas (8″X10″)

Post 22: POST MAN

While surfing through pinterest I came across this species of butterfly called “Post Man” . I loved the color combination and though of giving it a try with acrylics.

So here is my next painting . I am still hopeless with the color mixing and coverage. It dries while you take your own time to think of the combinations.


Acrylics on textured Canvas 12″ X 18″

POST 21: Let your daughters be yours forever!

Few days back my parents informed me that they are to perform Kanyadaan rites for the daughter of a distant relative whose wife is no more. To inform you the basic criterion for Kanyadaan is that a ‘couple’ has to perform it.

 Such delegations have been passed on in the family many times. My aunt had also got opportunities to perform Kanyadaan twice. She feels that she is lucky as performing Kanyadaan is a ‘Punya ka kaam‘ (auspicious act). She was so overwhelmed that she thanked God for the opportunity and took a pledge that after the performance they will quit one of their bad habits and so they quit smoking. Yes, my uncle quit active smoking and my aunt passive smoking. They took a similar pledge in the second Kanyadaan too of which I am not aware of. But yes as she has two sons she feels a sense of pride to have got the opportunity.

My parents would also be feeling the same next month however their intensity of pride will be a bit less as they already have two daughters for daan. Now I see a golden opportunity here. Keeping in mind their cholesterol level I can encourage them to give up fatty food after the Kanyadaan . This I could have done after my marriage if I had not declared my Kanyadaan null and void.

By now I have realized that I have totally deviated from the main topic.

In 1800s few good men came to the rescue of women and abolished barbaric rituals like Sati and introduced Widow Remarriage Act. This completely changed the world of women but some rituals are still lurking in our society which look harmless but have a very wide impact all over the country. I am talking about Kanyadaan.

To many, this won’t sound disagreeable practice at all. For me to realize its negative effects all I had to do was to translate it into English.

On translating it means donating or gifting your daughter and to see the effect of this translation on others I picked up the closest specimen and asked him, “Can you donate your daughter when required?” which made him jump in shock and scream something which I don’t remember.

People donate many things, some donate a particular percentage of their salary, some donate clothes , some donate organs after death , some donate food and some  people wait for Makar Sankranti to donate because by doing so the effect of donation increases manifold. Some people, like me , prepare a list and go for shopping and ask at the grocery shop for the cheapest quality rice , because it doesn’t matter , as Makar Sanktranti has the power of converting the effect of cheap rice to Basmati Rice.

Again I have realized I have deviated from the topic.

Among living things we donate cows and sometimes goat. Some chosen ones even get the opportunity to donate their maiden girl. Once a ‘thing’ is donated you have no control over it.  It is not yours.

Now this particular criteria of a donation has somehow manage to create a thought in the human mind that the girl is a liability and someone else’s property.   Now, who would desire a girl child ?

I remember my husband holding our new born daughter in his arms and innocently say, “How would I ever marry her off”. With the other family members getting emotional I had a face palm moment.

All I want to say is time is changing , daughters are being given a share in parents property. Then why are they not allowed  to share the responsibility of parents. Why  are people  hesitant in approaching their daughter after marriage ?  Why are they estranged after marriage?

Why donate off your daughters?  Let your daughters be yours forever!