Week 1- Year of the Quill

Too many days have passed and as I don’t believe in time travel I can’t get them back. I  had heard old women say that life ends after you get married. I waited but  it didn’t. I heard them  whisper again that wait till you have a baby, life will definitely  end. I waited but again it didn’t. Now I am worried that my this waiting might definitely end my life. So now it was action time.

It is April , I am three months late for any kind of resolution. Okay, still I can work this out. I shall plan out a financial year instead of a calendar year as long as my profit and loss are in words not in figures. I can’t handle figures . While my husband calculates my taxes I boost up my moral by solving those ‘Only for Genius’ BODMAS questions on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Till date I have 21 unfinished paintings , 53 brilliant ideas to write about, 14 destinations to visit , 7 untested lifestyle hacks for a mother of a toddler,107 books to read, etc.  Year by year these figures are increasing and so is my sense of incompleteness.  So in this blog I am planning to take up everything on my mind, write those words which get lost with time, capture the moments which are sublime.






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