Week-6: Main kya pehnu??

There always comes this dreadful Sunday in every women’s life when while cleaning the wardrobes, she realizes that she has too many clothes. It even gets worse when your husband overhears the murmur and offers his help to get rid of those while you wish the same promptness was shown in the long pending car wash that you had been nagging for days.

Any way back to the wardrobe. So my wardrobe is full of shitload of clothes which disappear when I plan to go out.  So this time I took them head-on and the result is the list of reason why I have so many:

1.  Old ones to be donated: A humane gesture but a daunting task! Isn’t it? My bai and I don’t share the same taste when it comes to clothes and her daughter is too young for my size. The girl selling eggs across the street too rejected my offering. Upon being asked the second time, she eyed me suspiciously and said her father has just got her new clothes. Gone were the days when we were forced  to wear old clothes of our cousins. Now if I go complaining to my dad then some one gonna get hurt real bad.

2. A size less. The lot which has either been shrunk due to wash or was intentionally bought a size less with a challenge to fit into them one day. After all hope is a good thing.

3: A size large: Ah! A rare occasions when your extremely boring husband decides to gift you a nice lovely scintillating dress as a birthday surprise, but in overflow of emotions ends up buying you an overflowing XXL. Though Gifting him a tea set for anniversary can take care of the revenge, but what about the dress. After all it was birthday gift. I had kept it for maternity but even after gaining the required 14 Kgs I could not be XXL. Ironically, it turned out to be a feel good dress!

4. Sentiments attached: . I look like a rainbow in it but it is a souvenir from Udaipur. It’s more challenging  than a saree but every girl must have a Phulkari. This one I wore for my interview and got selected,that one was gifted by daddy/mummy, and that crumpled one in the corner was bought from a pheriwala who had walked all the way from Bengal to my door steps.

5. Mix and Mach : You remember Alia Bhatt in 2 States, who went to IIMA to showcases her suits. Somehow she and other DIY sites made me save the less worn out halves of the salwar suits ready to be mixed and  matched with a complementing kurta/salwar/dupatta. 

6. A No- No category: A lot of deep neck, low back, transparent, clingy clothes about which nothing can be done

7. Utaran. A huge pile of old clothes given by my mom who has grown fat lately. She blames her medicines for that and we all believe it. She even tried convincing the doctor but apparently he was not obliged to please her. My wardrobe ended up sacrificing a big corner for her leftovers.

8- Others:   The ones which makes you look either fat or an auntyThose which really looked good on the mannequin.Those which are out of fashion but stored in hope that the fashion will make a comeback.

After all a futile attempt to have a decent wardrobe.

Do you guys have any more excuses to add to?


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