Week 9:Life like an assembly line.

As I hinted in the previous post, I have started getting up early. Thanks to my mother’s visit and one of the pins of Pinterest that said” Life is … getting up an hour early to live an hour extra”

I know half of my friends won’t agree to it but for me it works. Morning is the only time when I feel peaceful as my night life is so happening that I don’t know when I crash after dancing on “ Five little monkeys jumping on the bed “

So these days I get up early and have a chit chat with myself. To feel more spiritual, I sit under the bougainvillea planted in my balcony in a meditative posture and pretend to move a step closer to Nirvana.

This self-talk however is getting very serious, I have started pointing out too many flaws in myself. Today was worst when I realized that I have, not one, but many personality disorders.
After college I have been living a very dull life. I started following the rule that ‘Minimizing human interface minimizes chances of error’. This rule worked for assembly lines so I thought why not try it! Forget friends I don’t even have acquaintances of my age. The people I interact daily apart from work are an average of four and if Kaam wali and doodh vala don’t count then it’s just two. I realized that being introvert and shy is not a part of my nature but a chosen veil to avoid complications in life.

Whenever I get close to people they either get touchy wuchy, angry, over friendly, interfering, manipulating, dominating, controlling, clingy etc. Having a conversation with the people while the devil and angel sitting on my shoulders, giving me tips on communication was too annoying. So my solution to avoid complication was to minimise the communication. I was living a peaceful and contempt life till today when I realized that my life is not a life any more but has become an assembly line!!!!!!


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