Week 19: Breastfeeding- A bond for life.

Next month my baby is turning two. It is the last and crucial phase of breast feeding cycle as I am supposed to completely wean her off. It is not an issue; I have dozen of mothers and relatives who are eager to tell me the tips to successfully do it. Even my doctor has advised me that I should do it as the baby’s nutrition needs are increasing. It is so obvious then why am I still delaying it.

I have had talk with few fellow mommies who proudly shared how they weaned off their baby when he/she was not even one. The reason were varying in nature. Some shared their worries on the embarrassing situation babies cause in public, Some said that baby feeding did not let them attend functions and how after weaning they were free to go anywhere they wanted. Working mommies complained that feeding becomes so tiring at one point of time, and naive ones said that the breast milk is never sufficient for baby as they grow up. Each mother had a different experience to share. I could never speak up what went in my mind until this World Of Mom breast feeding week reminder popped up in my mail box.

I am a working mom and surprisingly my baby has never troubled me when I left for office. She has adjusted well with her Daadi and other family members. I don’t remember her showing any kind of excitement whenever I reach home after a long day. Whenever she needs anything she calls out for the first person she sees. I come in picture only when it’s her nap time, which is twice a day. At that moment she calls my name (literally), crawls on my lap, giggles, fondles and after a lot of buttering asks for her feed. At that moment she doesn’t respond to anyone else. No enticement can take her down from my lap. It is only me and her time. I find these moments best in my entire hectic schedule. So, despite my doctor suggesting for one feed a day, I sneak in two, just to get that time with her.

Nevertheless, I have attended three weddings with her , I have gone shopping , dining, vacationing while feeding her as and when it is required. I never felt shame or embarrassment whether in public or private. My daughter is a very active and smart baby. In these two years i have never worried about running nose or any other immunity issues. I feel so proud when the whole family praises me and link all her traits to breast feeding.

Sometimes I fear that the day I wean her off she will stop coming running to me. Perhaps she will fall asleep without me also. Perhaps I will become just another family member for her. But I am going to take the decision because as always I know what is best for her. I am going to replace our feed time with some other bonding time. I will read to her bedtime stories for a longer time. May be we can take up painting together or may be play peekaboo or do gardening together or splash in the pool or cook yummy food for her …….or may be i can stop being so desperate and realize that I am a mommy and ‘Mommies are irreplaceable’. (Chuckles)


2 thoughts on “Week 19: Breastfeeding- A bond for life.

  1. madhursbara says:

    haha. Loved wat i read. I must say, you have managed to sneak off to more weddings with a baby in tow rather then when you were single .


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