Week 35-40…and I became a ‘Beach Person’

I had been away for almost two month. I can excuse myself by saying that it was a festive month, I was busy cleaning the house, I was planing a mini vacation which involved 5 flights (substantial enough to make me go numb)  etc . But the truth is that managing a blog along with a baby for a working mommy is just impossible. So I thought that instead of giving up I should rather take a break. So here I am.

Last month we had gone to GOA. It wasn’t the first time. We had visited Goa when I was in college. I and my parents along with my BFF and her family had gone on a two days guided tour. I faintly remember taking ride on a tourist bus and a guide with an annoying accent showing us entire Goa allowing 20 minutes stay in each beach. He showed us all the churches, temples,  jail, dolphin ride , evening cruise, the elephant who could paint and what not. By the end of the trip I had enough of GOA and I had vowed that I am done with GOA. So when proposed for a GOA Honeymoon, I had a big NO!  I declared myself a Mountain person. Not because I went on regular hikes, treks  or bike trips to Leh,  but because I was born in the mountains.

I studied in college which has its own beach. So I had lost the charm of beach. But perhaps something was bound to happen. I met another mommy friend who had gone to Goa with her toddler. While browsing her pics I saw the serene beauty of its magnificent beaches and eventful shacks, beautiful local markets, Sea foods etc. Awestuck with inspiration I started searching traveler blogs/vlogs and soon realized that I was so wrong about Goa.

Soon the planning started. Flights searched and booked, resorts negotiated and finalized, beach specific clothing arranged and packed and the toddler was informed that she was going to Goa (as if she cared) .

Day 1: We landed in Goa around 4: 30 pm and by 6:30 pm we were at ” Santana Beach Resort”. The moment we entered, we fell in love with the resort,the green pathway, off white rooms outlined with blue color giving a fresh look, courteous staff etc.



The room was very spacious. It had a nice bed, a small sitting area, a balcony with two chairs, and a small but clean bathroom. The resort had two gates one directly opening to the Candolim beach and the other opening to the market place.

We wanted to rush to the beach  that very night but we were informed that all the shacks in the Candolim Beach were temporarily closed due to the license issue. So we decided to hang out at market place. We chose to dine at “De Candolim Deck” . We tried salad, baked chicken and a roti (for toddler). Food was average, but the experience was great due to live music and candle lit table. However we had to kill the romance of candle as the baby had caught hold of the fork and knife and wanted to cut the flame into two.

We did some shopping and returned to our place. The resort room was so comforting that the the moment we fell on the bed we woke up in the morning.

Day 2: I am known for over planning and then spoiling my mood if things don’t go my way. So this time I decided to plan only the essential. The remaining fun part was to be Go with the Flow.

Not being too experimental on the first day we headed straight to BAGA Beach. The cab dropped us at a shack called TITTOS  and suggested we walk all along the beach and reach BRITTOS by lunch. This was the best suggestion of our trip. TITTOS TO BRITTOS  🙂


We were waiting to see our toddlers reaction the moment she sees the beach and believe me my trip was such a success after seeing her scream with joy. Then there  was no stopping her. We kept walking and playing and then when we reached BRITTOS we  hired a beach bench and lazed there while our daughter played with the sand.

The best mommy tip that I had read in the blogs was to carry talcum powder to get rid of the sand from the baby’s hands and feet. Believe me I was done cleaning her in 5 minutes.

Then the three of us just laid on the bench and stared at the stretch of water. It was the best moment when every thing seemed to disappear only the sea was there. Finally hunger came into picture and we headed to BRITTOS. We ordered finger fish, chicken xacuti and roti. The food was amazing. Only drawback i could find was that they didn’t accept credit cards.

We  headed back to the hotel and as we were so tired we took afternoon nap and when we got up it was already sun set .

In evening we just walked around the Candolim Market . Bought few gifts for friends and family back home. We bought a swimming costume for our little one .Then we went to the closest restaurant which was playing live music and it happened to be ” The Stone House” . We ordered hakka noodles and chicken sizzler. The chicken gravy (hidden beneath the egg in the photo) in the sizzler was simply amazing.



Day 3: We had kept this reserved for Vagator. I had great expectation from this beach  but  the moment we entered the beach we were so disappointed as the beach was very rough and i didn’t find it clean. Then i realized that I had read in the blogs about the Small Vagator on the other side of the cliff. We walked all the way back and then to the other side.  The other side was completely different . The beach was very quiet and very less crowd.  I had wanted to go to the shack called Thallassa but it meant  walking another 10 minutes with the baby and I didn’t want to do so. So we went to the nearest shack called ‘Fish Tail’. We settled ourselves there and turn by turn went to take dip in the water.

Here we ordered tuna fish sandwich, which was so heavenly  and spaghetti arrabiata for my husband who doesn’t eat fish .img_20161114_125243-1

The shack was so comfortable and soothing that our toddler slept there for an hour while we sat and looked at the horizon for hours.


Unwillingly we went back to our resort and before hitting the lazy mode we took a dive into the pool. There we stayed for half an hour and came back and took our siesta.


In the evening we again headed to the Candolim Beach before the sunset. The tide had retrieved so the beach was just amazing. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

On the first day  the tide had made it look scary but this evening it was so amazing. We walked walked and walked and realized that we had walked too far only when our toddler refused to walk further.

For dinner we went to ‘Fisher Man Cove’ This place has the best live music I have ever listened too. However we did a mistake of making wrong orders. The Chicken Cafreal was not as good as it sounded. The Spicy calamari was not a good way to have something for the first time. Buttered calamari would have been better  and Manchao soup did not club with the food as well. However the ambiance was too good hnvbut the place was very crowded.

Day4: We had to check out at 11 am and catch a flight to Pune at 2pm. The moment we woke up, the three of us rushed straight to the beach. The beach was very rough in the morning so we didn’t waste much time there ,instead we headed for breakfast and then soaked ourselves in the pool for the remaining half and hour. After that we broke our record of packing in no time.

Since the day i came back I cannot think  about anything else but GOA. So my suggestions to all the mommies with babies and toddlers is without any fear plan a nice beach vacation. Keep in mind to book a resort which is closest to the beach as well as the other attractions so that you get to do minimum walking/travelling and have fun.

P.S : This post has been written with a toddler clinging and jumping on the laptop. So typos, errors and irregularities may please be overlooked.


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