Week 41-43: Hibernation is over.

It was real cold here and I was hibernating the whole month, doing nothing but curiously watching what others are doing. I browsed a number of blogs and vlogs, mostly in field of art, food, lifestyle, and travel and started following  few bloggers and vloggers for their unique style and content. I will share the three people I loved.

  1. In oil painting space, I came across this beautiful girl  Lena Danya. It was not her beauty that struck me but her style of water series painting . I love the way she uses small brushes for detailing which is completely opposite to the way I do. She uses glass palette and bowls which are way lot easier to clean after the work. After following her for almost a month my favorite color is teal 🙂
  2. In travel and food section, I stumbled upon Mark Wiens and his blog https://migrationology.com. What caught my attention was his expressions, especially how he widened his eyes and swayed a little bit every time he tasted something good and this is exactly what I do when I eat good food :). I was actually researching about thai food and this guy is the champion of thai cuisine for obvious reasons. Apparently, he  came to South Asia in 2009 to start his journey of food and travel and married his love, a native to Thailand, and now they both travel and eat together :). Though his culture and food choices are totally different than mine but his videos are very much enjoyable.
  3. In lifestyle, I checked this girl Lucie Fink . Lucie makes 5 days series in which she takes challenges/projects and accomplish/continue it for 5 days (Monday-Friday). Her blog has inspired me a lot and I am also planning to do something similar and interesting :).

Finally, after peeping into other’s life I realized that the time has come to wake up and to do something with my ongoing monotonous life too. First thing i did, I put my plants in the sun, did a bit of weeding and watering to throw new vibe in them. Hopefully the petunias will  bloom by next week. I also took out my canvas, easel, colors, and brushes to show them some fresh air. The greenry and the mini studio in balcony now inspires me to finish my butterfly series. I have planned to make four abstract butterflies, an idea actually inspired (copied) from someone from net. I am taking these small painting projects to explore new ideas, new color combinations and detailing before I can get back to my true self and start doing something original of my own.

Oh! and how can the New-Year start without a resolution post. Don’t go by the things I mentioned above, this year, I haven’t made any health, travel or lifestyle resolutions.

Actually, a very big thought struck my mind and without giving it a second thought I declared it as my 2017 target. I don’t know how I will go about it and whether declaring it on a public forum will make it easier for me or embarrassing but…” By the end of 2017 I want to have an exhibition of my paintings


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