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Week 48-52: Phuket (Amazing Thailand Part-II)

Taking power naps during travel to boost one’s energy is considered as blessing. I am talking about babies, they have mastered this art so well. Phuket was a three hours ride from Krabi, and by the time we reached, my daughter was all ready for the next level of fun while all we wanted to do was get to the hotel and crash. But that is always a distant dream for parents with toddlers. It was drizzling. But then I had become a pro in weather forecast and was mentally prepared for the heavy shower at night in Patong, which was our next destination in Phuket.

Day 3: We reached Patong at 3PM . We had booked Ramada Deevana Phuket through Make My Trip. It is about 500 M walking distance from Patong beach. It gave me a feeling of luxury, and I loved it the moment we entered it.


The rooms were equally comfortable. Though we had some issues with the safe box as it refused to open every time we wanted it and we had to call the mechanic to fix it. It delayed all our plans by 15-20 minutes causing a little bit of irritation.

We quickly settled. Since we were starving, we thought of eating Pad Thai which was at the top of my to-eat list. I searched trip advisor and found a local eatery shop called “Thai Smile”, best recommended for Pad Thai and that too only 5 minute walk from our hotel. We didn’t need to search much. It was located next to the Ibis hotel and surprisingly had just six tables. It was 4 pm so we din’t need to wait at all and we ordered Pad Thai and rice with basil chicken.


Both the dishes were delicious. Sadly our daughter didn’t like this sticky rice and vomited. It was the third day and my daughter had refused to eat anything. We were running out of option to offer her to eat. I felt sad and hopeless and concluded that one should never travel with toddlers. All she wanted to do was to either go to the beach or take a dip in the pool, and for all this only God knows from where she got the energy. All she was surviving on was Kinder Joy .

In evening we went to Bangla road. The street was a little too much happening to my liking. My daughter soon started to cry for Roti-Shabji and we ended up in Indian restaurant “Bombay House”. Since we were not hungry, we ordered just a Roti and later had  “Mango & Banana Pancake” from the streets.



When we reached hotel, we were very tired and crashed. But the baby had plan for us. She vomited thrice in night and we had to call the room service to change the beddings.

Day 5

We woke up little late in the morning and rushed for complimentary buffet breakfast. It has assorted range of dishes, but most of them had a peculiar smell of sea food which was kind of annoying. But due to variety of other continental dishes we were able to eat well.

After breakfast we went straight to Patong beach. The weather was sunny and the beach was looking stunning blue in sunlight. The beach was perfect for swimming and we didn’t wait at all and jumped in water. Best part was that the marked bathing area was only 5 feet deep for quite a long distance and this was the best ever experience I had in any beach. My toddler got a Japanese friend mean while. While returning we had lunch in an Indian Restaurant for the sake of roti for baby and ordered local green dish and Tom-Yum soup. The food was decent but smell of some pungent spice was disappointing.

In evening we again went to Bangla road. The street was happening and buzzing with loud music. But we didn’t like it much. By this time we were a bit troubled with the toddler’s mood and decided to act as a team. So hubby stopped for Thai massage which happened to be a surprise element for him as the whole massage was too strong for his liking. I headed for room and cooked oats for the baby. Surprisingly she finished it without making any fuss and slept peacefully.

We continued this team work the next day also when I went for a massage and hubby took the baby for lunch.

Next morning, we followed the same routine. first Patong beach and then pool. As i already mentioned , on our way back i went for Thai massage. Learning from other’s mistake, I got the gentle oil massage rather than the thai massage and it was worth taking an experience. It was relaxing. We rested the whole afternoon in hotel as we had fixed the evening for the theme park “Fantasea” located in Kamala beach.

Fantasea was the first theme park that we had visited . It had many shops and stalls to keep you amused before the grand show. The dinner  before the show was arranged in a huge hall which could accommodate upto 5000 people. The seating arrangement was done as per the ethnicity and no wonder we found indian food buffet along with thai food next to our seats.

The show started at 9 pm . No cameras or phones were allowed inside. The show was great but I feel overall Fantasea was overpriced. It costed us 2500 THB per person including pickup and drop.

Day 6: Next morning we spend time in the pool and packed our food from the same Thai smile and took a cab to airport.

I just wished this trip wouldn’t end this soon. I loved my first international trip and so did my baby. My final verdict on traveling with toddlers is that let them be the way they are. Try your best to make arrangements for their likes dislikes but don’t overdo it. Let it be. My daughter didn’t eat the first three days but when I stopped running after her she started eating normally for the remaining three days.

Keep traveling and Keep learning !!!!



Week 35-40…and I became a ‘Beach Person’

I had been away for almost two month. I can excuse myself by saying that it was a festive month, I was busy cleaning the house, I was planing a mini vacation which involved 5 flights (substantial enough to make me go numb)  etc . But the truth is that managing a blog along with a baby for a working mommy is just impossible. So I thought that instead of giving up I should rather take a break. So here I am.

Last month we had gone to GOA. It wasn’t the first time. We had visited Goa when I was in college. I and my parents along with my BFF and her family had gone on a two days guided tour. I faintly remember taking ride on a tourist bus and a guide with an annoying accent showing us entire Goa allowing 20 minutes stay in each beach. He showed us all the churches, temples,  jail, dolphin ride , evening cruise, the elephant who could paint and what not. By the end of the trip I had enough of GOA and I had vowed that I am done with GOA. So when proposed for a GOA Honeymoon, I had a big NO!  I declared myself a Mountain person. Not because I went on regular hikes, treks  or bike trips to Leh,  but because I was born in the mountains.

I studied in college which has its own beach. So I had lost the charm of beach. But perhaps something was bound to happen. I met another mommy friend who had gone to Goa with her toddler. While browsing her pics I saw the serene beauty of its magnificent beaches and eventful shacks, beautiful local markets, Sea foods etc. Awestuck with inspiration I started searching traveler blogs/vlogs and soon realized that I was so wrong about Goa.

Soon the planning started. Flights searched and booked, resorts negotiated and finalized, beach specific clothing arranged and packed and the toddler was informed that she was going to Goa (as if she cared) .

Day 1: We landed in Goa around 4: 30 pm and by 6:30 pm we were at ” Santana Beach Resort”. The moment we entered, we fell in love with the resort,the green pathway, off white rooms outlined with blue color giving a fresh look, courteous staff etc.



The room was very spacious. It had a nice bed, a small sitting area, a balcony with two chairs, and a small but clean bathroom. The resort had two gates one directly opening to the Candolim beach and the other opening to the market place.

We wanted to rush to the beach  that very night but we were informed that all the shacks in the Candolim Beach were temporarily closed due to the license issue. So we decided to hang out at market place. We chose to dine at “De Candolim Deck” . We tried salad, baked chicken and a roti (for toddler). Food was average, but the experience was great due to live music and candle lit table. However we had to kill the romance of candle as the baby had caught hold of the fork and knife and wanted to cut the flame into two.

We did some shopping and returned to our place. The resort room was so comforting that the the moment we fell on the bed we woke up in the morning.

Day 2: I am known for over planning and then spoiling my mood if things don’t go my way. So this time I decided to plan only the essential. The remaining fun part was to be Go with the Flow.

Not being too experimental on the first day we headed straight to BAGA Beach. The cab dropped us at a shack called TITTOS  and suggested we walk all along the beach and reach BRITTOS by lunch. This was the best suggestion of our trip. TITTOS TO BRITTOS  🙂


We were waiting to see our toddlers reaction the moment she sees the beach and believe me my trip was such a success after seeing her scream with joy. Then there  was no stopping her. We kept walking and playing and then when we reached BRITTOS we  hired a beach bench and lazed there while our daughter played with the sand.

The best mommy tip that I had read in the blogs was to carry talcum powder to get rid of the sand from the baby’s hands and feet. Believe me I was done cleaning her in 5 minutes.

Then the three of us just laid on the bench and stared at the stretch of water. It was the best moment when every thing seemed to disappear only the sea was there. Finally hunger came into picture and we headed to BRITTOS. We ordered finger fish, chicken xacuti and roti. The food was amazing. Only drawback i could find was that they didn’t accept credit cards.

We  headed back to the hotel and as we were so tired we took afternoon nap and when we got up it was already sun set .

In evening we just walked around the Candolim Market . Bought few gifts for friends and family back home. We bought a swimming costume for our little one .Then we went to the closest restaurant which was playing live music and it happened to be ” The Stone House” . We ordered hakka noodles and chicken sizzler. The chicken gravy (hidden beneath the egg in the photo) in the sizzler was simply amazing.



Day 3: We had kept this reserved for Vagator. I had great expectation from this beach  but  the moment we entered the beach we were so disappointed as the beach was very rough and i didn’t find it clean. Then i realized that I had read in the blogs about the Small Vagator on the other side of the cliff. We walked all the way back and then to the other side.  The other side was completely different . The beach was very quiet and very less crowd.  I had wanted to go to the shack called Thallassa but it meant  walking another 10 minutes with the baby and I didn’t want to do so. So we went to the nearest shack called ‘Fish Tail’. We settled ourselves there and turn by turn went to take dip in the water.

Here we ordered tuna fish sandwich, which was so heavenly  and spaghetti arrabiata for my husband who doesn’t eat fish .img_20161114_125243-1

The shack was so comfortable and soothing that our toddler slept there for an hour while we sat and looked at the horizon for hours.


Unwillingly we went back to our resort and before hitting the lazy mode we took a dive into the pool. There we stayed for half an hour and came back and took our siesta.


In the evening we again headed to the Candolim Beach before the sunset. The tide had retrieved so the beach was just amazing. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

On the first day  the tide had made it look scary but this evening it was so amazing. We walked walked and walked and realized that we had walked too far only when our toddler refused to walk further.

For dinner we went to ‘Fisher Man Cove’ This place has the best live music I have ever listened too. However we did a mistake of making wrong orders. The Chicken Cafreal was not as good as it sounded. The Spicy calamari was not a good way to have something for the first time. Buttered calamari would have been better  and Manchao soup did not club with the food as well. However the ambiance was too good hnvbut the place was very crowded.

Day4: We had to check out at 11 am and catch a flight to Pune at 2pm. The moment we woke up, the three of us rushed straight to the beach. The beach was very rough in the morning so we didn’t waste much time there ,instead we headed for breakfast and then soaked ourselves in the pool for the remaining half and hour. After that we broke our record of packing in no time.

Since the day i came back I cannot think  about anything else but GOA. So my suggestions to all the mommies with babies and toddlers is without any fear plan a nice beach vacation. Keep in mind to book a resort which is closest to the beach as well as the other attractions so that you get to do minimum walking/travelling and have fun.

P.S : This post has been written with a toddler clinging and jumping on the laptop. So typos, errors and irregularities may please be overlooked.

Week 26-27: Quick Look

This week I have not got a chance to sit down to either think, write or paint so here is a quick look at the week that was.:

These Navratras when I used to return from office my toddler used to eagerly wait for me to take her to see the Pandals.  I could manage to visit a nearby Durga Puja pandal organized by Bengalis , hosted by a Sardaar with UP kids dancing on Bhojpuri Bhajans -Perfect example of Harmony. However I was driven crazy by my toddler as she dragged me here and there and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The toddler got about nine invitations for kanya puja this  navratri. As she eats only when the Chu Chu TV rhymes are played so her share of Prasad was packed and sent home for the family members to feast upon.

This week with an exceptional ‘Happy Monday’, (because of Tuesday holiday) was reserved for pre-Diwali cleaning. I spotted one of my half-finished paintings from 2004. It was all covered up with a white layer of mold or faded paint (I am not sure). So I cleaned it up and placed it on my easel. Let’s see what I can do with it.


Week 19: Breastfeeding- A bond for life.

Next month my baby is turning two. It is the last and crucial phase of breast feeding cycle as I am supposed to completely wean her off. It is not an issue; I have dozen of mothers and relatives who are eager to tell me the tips to successfully do it. Even my doctor has advised me that I should do it as the baby’s nutrition needs are increasing. It is so obvious then why am I still delaying it.

I have had talk with few fellow mommies who proudly shared how they weaned off their baby when he/she was not even one. The reason were varying in nature. Some shared their worries on the embarrassing situation babies cause in public, Some said that baby feeding did not let them attend functions and how after weaning they were free to go anywhere they wanted. Working mommies complained that feeding becomes so tiring at one point of time, and naive ones said that the breast milk is never sufficient for baby as they grow up. Each mother had a different experience to share. I could never speak up what went in my mind until this World Of Mom breast feeding week reminder popped up in my mail box.

I am a working mom and surprisingly my baby has never troubled me when I left for office. She has adjusted well with her Daadi and other family members. I don’t remember her showing any kind of excitement whenever I reach home after a long day. Whenever she needs anything she calls out for the first person she sees. I come in picture only when it’s her nap time, which is twice a day. At that moment she calls my name (literally), crawls on my lap, giggles, fondles and after a lot of buttering asks for her feed. At that moment she doesn’t respond to anyone else. No enticement can take her down from my lap. It is only me and her time. I find these moments best in my entire hectic schedule. So, despite my doctor suggesting for one feed a day, I sneak in two, just to get that time with her.

Nevertheless, I have attended three weddings with her , I have gone shopping , dining, vacationing while feeding her as and when it is required. I never felt shame or embarrassment whether in public or private. My daughter is a very active and smart baby. In these two years i have never worried about running nose or any other immunity issues. I feel so proud when the whole family praises me and link all her traits to breast feeding.

Sometimes I fear that the day I wean her off she will stop coming running to me. Perhaps she will fall asleep without me also. Perhaps I will become just another family member for her. But I am going to take the decision because as always I know what is best for her. I am going to replace our feed time with some other bonding time. I will read to her bedtime stories for a longer time. May be we can take up painting together or may be play peekaboo or do gardening together or splash in the pool or cook yummy food for her …….or may be i can stop being so desperate and realize that I am a mommy and ‘Mommies are irreplaceable’. (Chuckles)