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Post 6: Nebula (To-Paint list 2/5)

The two most notorious colors that have troubled me are white and black. I have remained frustrated for a very long time. They are so strong that they steal all the attention in a bad way.

I have been trying to tame white colour since a long time. This time I thought of challenging myself to use mostly white and black in the whole painting and still let some other colour steal the show. So here i am with the nebula as a practice work.


Post 3: Finding your style

I have been restless these days. Lately I have started painting a lot. Sometimes I paint from photo references; sometimes I copy other art work. I have realized that only way to improve your art is to practise, practise and practise. In order to take the time out in weekends, I have started doing all weekend chores on the weekdays and that includes doing laundry daily after office.


Even after painting so much I am not happy. I follow artists, sometimes try to replicate their style , sometimes I try to replicate nature but it drives me crazy to think that I don’t have any particular style which can be called my signature style. Then to keep all such negative feelings away I have decided to give myself some time. I need to work with colors as much as I can and maybe one day that style will just flow out of my brush.




Making of wild Lily. Final painting will be uploaded soon.

While trying to stay positive, I would make a special mention of Lena Danya – a self-taught artist. I follow her on You tube and Instagram, her regular updates have kept me gripped and motivated. Along with her videos and time lapses she keeps talking about her experiences, experiments and techniques which give me a lot of guidance.So inspired by her and to keep myself moving ahead I have made a small to-paint list which I will be painting for practice purpose.

  1. Nebula
  2. Fish
  3. Glasses and candles
  4. Portrait of a Tibetan girl
  5. Bold stroke sea painting (replication of original art work)

All these will be made from reference photos except the last one which is just to try a new technique.

Let’s see how much I succeed.

WEEK 46-47:Sunset

Oil on canvas


Completed over a period of two weeks (total 4 hours).


Week 44-45: 2/4 of the Butterfly Series.

I am making these butterflies as a quick 20 minutes work which gives me a positive feeling of completing a painting in one day.

img_20170204_142928       Oil on Canvas 20X29.7 cm

img_20170204_142628_hdrAmongst the flowers 🙂

However I have a big painting going on in parallel. Hope to finish it by next week.


Week 29: International Artist Week (25.10.2016)

Abstract Butterfly in Oils 9×15″



Week 28-Finally she became a sleeping beauty.

After 12 years I finally completed this painting. The old canvas as well as the base paint were very difficult to work on . Plus my toddler refused to take her afternoon nap this weekend. So I have no option but to be satisfied with the outcome.


Week 17:Another Practice work.

Oil on canvas 8X6 ” . A quick work