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Post 19: New Year, New Project

This is the right time to take out your diary and start scribbling the new year resolutions. I would have also been doing the same had I not consulted the family palmist – my mother. Running her fingers on my palm, once again she repeated those words, ‘Pity pity pity…. what lines …. only if you stop thinking much and start working a bit. ‘


So  in order to prepare a To-Do list  I dug into my bundle of old unused stuff. I found a sealed notebook which I purchased in 2016 in hope to convert it into a journal. I had read somewhere that keeping a journal helps you harness your creativity. Actually you get lot of similar life hacks if you randomly google whenever you get time resulting in the crisscross lines like those are on my palm.

The first thing in my list is to learn acrylic painting.  I wanted to pen it down but a different idea struck me. What if I convert this notebook into an art journal and  start practicing acrylics on it! If any things goes wrong and I am not satisfied with the painting, I can easily tear off the paper and start a fresh one and keep experimenting till I get my hands on acrylics. It’s better to have a spoilt paper than a spoilt canvas. Also I will end up having an Art Journal by the year end.

Next I bought a “Camlin Texture White” to coat the pages so that they don’t absorb acrylics and provide a good surface for painting. I already have few ideas to paint and along with that I have selected some 15 pictures from the December issue of Outlook Traveller .


So this New Year my New Project will be “Art Journaling” or say Art Diary . 

Hope you guys enjoy this new project along with me !!! I will update my Journal entries asap.



Post 8: Fillers

I had this small oil panel which was lying unused for a long time. I have been filling  it with colors in between the major paintings. By doing so I get  break from monotonous  activity  and as these small paintings finish fast they give a sense of accomplishment too.

I have skipped over the detailing part and have emphasized on the shadows and the color contrast.

I should get more of these panels for fun.


Oil on panel  (Rajasthani bed sheet background)