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Post 26: The Jagannath Triad.

A month back I was searching for beach destinations in India and while reading about Puri in Odisha I came across the Jagannath Triad . All Indian deities are so colourful and these three siblings top them all. I had to get them down on paper with my bright acrylics. So here is The Jagannath Triad on a page of my art journal. Someday I might paint them on a huge canvas for my home. IMG_20180418_124111.jpg


Post 20- Art Journal Entry #1

Posting my first art journal entry. It is white lotuses in Acrylics om white textured paper.

I have promised myself that I will not imitate any painting from this year inwards. I will be making originals either from a photograph or from my imagination. This will help me unlock my style of painting.


Hope to update more entries soon.

Post 13: Poppies

This painting is for one of my friend (on order) and so was my Sunrise painting. ( ref: Post 11).  This painting was meant to be a fine art work but somehow turned up into a knife painting. With this painting I have realized that  Knife gives me contentment and the strokes it creates give me immense pleasure. I am so waiting to explore more knife work.


Oil on canvas

POST-11 Sunrise


Oil on Canvas 16″ X 20 “

Post 9: Tibetan Girl-Part -I (To -paint list 4/5)

This lady took one and half month to step down the easel.


40X60 cm Oil On Canvas 



Post 7: Flowers by Sea Side (To Paint -3/5)

This painting under my ‘5 painting project’ (Please Refer Post-3 ) was just for practice purpose to learn bold strokes. It is a complete imitation of other artists work. I was not feeling good  imitating the painting as well as technique of some other artist but before I could feel  guilty I came across this quote  ” Every body imitates before they innovate”- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.


Oil on Canvas Sheet 

I felt better. It doesn’t mean I will keep imitating . As I said it was purely for study purpose therefore I look forward to create more paintings using the bold stroke technique.


All things bright and beautiful.

Post 6: Nebula (To-Paint list 2/5)

The two most notorious colors that have troubled me are white and black. I have remained frustrated for a very long time. They are so strong that they steal all the attention in a bad way.

I have been trying to tame white colour since a long time. This time I thought of challenging myself to use mostly white and black in the whole painting and still let some other colour steal the show. So here i am with the nebula as a practice work.


Post 2: Replicating

I tried to replicate another artist. Not something to be proud of, but at least I got some output.


Oil on canvas 18×20″

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WEEK 46-47:Sunset

Oil on canvas


Completed over a period of two weeks (total 4 hours).


Week 44-45: 2/4 of the Butterfly Series.

I am making these butterflies as a quick 20 minutes work which gives me a positive feeling of completing a painting in one day.

img_20170204_142928       Oil on Canvas 20X29.7 cm

img_20170204_142628_hdrAmongst the flowers 🙂

However I have a big painting going on in parallel. Hope to finish it by next week.