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Post 30: Oil over Acrylics

It is so diffult (for me) to keep up with Instagram, Facebook and the blog. Updating my recent Oil over Acrylics works. I had two semifinished acrylic paintings which I have completed with oils.

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Week 10: Practising with my palette knife

Replication of an oil painting for practice on 8×6″ canvas



Week-8: Morning walk

IMG_20160521_114207 MORNING WALK- 6×8″ oil on canvas (My first knife painting)

Habits have changed 

I no longer get up early like I did to in those old days 

I miss those morning walks, hours of self-talks

These days neither do I walk nor there is time for self talk. 

It’s hard to get the old habits back

Or Am I just afraid of “some time with self”.

May be I fear I might remind myself of regrets of past  or accuse the neglects of  present or carelessness about future.

Should I confront myself?

Should I go for a morning walk ?

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